Political Party

Dwight Eisenhower was the head of the Republican Party.  As a head of his party, it is his job to use his influence to back party candidates, raise campaign funds, and appoint party official in order to promote the Republican party.

(Digital Image. Web)

An important aspect of this jb is choosing which party officials to appoint.  Eisenhower was always careful to appoint federal judges to the sounthern districts who wer very committed to equal rights.  For imstant, Frank Johnson and Elbert Tuttle were two judges who maintained civil rights laws, and this was something that was very important in eisenhower’s eyes (EMC).

Overall, Eisenhower was a successful party leader.  He promoted his republican ideals and was able to gain a wide spectrum of support not only from the Republican party, but Democrats were also fairly supportive of him.


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