Head of State

(File; Dwight D. Eisenhower: Official President Portrait)

As head of state, it is the president’s job the represent the United States and what our country stands for.  This is done through ceremonies, welcoming foreign officials to our country, and awarding famous americans.  Throughout his two terms, Eisenhower acted as head of state, portraying America in a positive way.  In the following picture, Eisenhower awards the Medal of Honor to Korean War veteran Army Staff Sgt. Hiroshi H. Miyamura in 1953.

(Source: The Korean War- North Carolina Digital History)

Another ceremonial duty that Eisenhower performed was honoring unknown soldiers that fought in World War 2.  On, August3, 1956, Eisenhower signed a bill to pay tribune to the Unknown soldiers of World war 2 and the Korean War.

(Source: The Old Gaurd- Tomb of the Unknown Soldier) 

Another ceremonial duty that is much more low key is the tradition of throwing the first pitch of the season.  The picture below shows Eisenhower throwing the first pitch on April 18, 1960 at the Senators v. Red Sox game.

(Source:  Catalini)

President Eisenhower had a very positive image in the public eye during his presidency.  He usually had high approval ratings, and the general public and media tended to like him.  He represented America in a positive way through his actions and ceremonial duties, and was therefore successful as the nstion’s head of state.


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