Dwight David Eisenhower served two terms as the 34th president of the United States from 1953-1961. Born in Texas and the third of seven sons, Dwight grew up in a Presbyterian family.  After high school, he enrolled at West Point Academy in New York.  He later became very involved in the military, serving in both World Wars (Dwight David Eisenhower. History Reference Center).   Two years after beginning his army career, Eisenhower was sent to train one of America’s first tank units in Gettysburg during World War 1.  He  was posted to the Panama Canal Zone in 1922.  Eisenhower then graduated top of his class in 1926 at the Command and General Staff School in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas and also first in his class at the Army War College in 1928. In 1932 he served as aide to General Douglas MacAurthur in the Phillipines.  In World War 2, Eisenhower was promoted to Brigadier- General and was in charge of the War Plans Division based in D.C., where he was responsible for making many war tactics, including those of D-Day.  Eisenhower retired from the army in 1948 and became head of NATO in 1950 (“Dwight Eisenhower” History Learning Site).

He then ran as the Republican candidate in the 1953 election against Democratic candidate Adlai Stevenson.  In the 1956 election, these two candidates challenged eachother in the first national television campaign (Eisenhower National Historic Site).  A common slogan for Eisenhower became “I like Ike.”  He won the election by a sweeping majority. The following video is a political ad commercial for Eisenhower:

(Source: Political Ad- YouTube)


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